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My name is Dennis Wouters.
I'm a designer specialized in print media, graphic design and visual communication.

I have a broad background in design and user experience. I like to make things that look good and function even better. Why don't you scroll down and have a look at my resume and some selected projects?

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I designed the poster for

Blue Monday People

january, 2015 approached the Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology asking if they could provide posters for every concert. The academy decided to organise a contest where all the students have to submit their poster. This is the winning design for the concert of Blue Monday People, held the 28th of January, 2015.


I'm working for

Maastricht University

from july up till now

I'm currently working for one of the best universities of the Netherlands, Maastricht University where I'm developing a one-stop information platform for international students, in cooperation with Zuyd University and the municipality.

The platform is scheduled to be released begin March, 2015, and will include a launch event with local politicians. Be sure to check out at that time!


I made a

Lifestraw commercial

as a school project

Lifestraw is an award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide safe, clean drinking water in any situation. To market the product in The Netherlands, Water en leven wanted a commercial. Recevied an A- and was the best of the class.


I did

social media recruiting for
ZUYD university

from february up till june

ZUYD University wanted to attract more students and set up a social media campagin where prospective students could follow ambassadors. I worked together with Socialiii and two other students as an ambassador of ZUYD University's art and design faculty.


I followed an

internship at Kracht12

from september up till march

I did a six months internship at the Dutch communication agency Kracht12 where I functioned as a full employee. Among other things, I worked for the municipality of Maastricht and specialized myself in graphic design and desktop publishing. I made several magazines and a cookbook, which sold over 2500 copies in three weeks. More information here.


I am a

student educator at ZUYD

from 2010 up till now

I have always taken a great interest in my education outside of the classroom, so I volunteerd immediately when I heard my school was looking for ambassadors. Among other things, I educate prospective students on open days and give them a first hand account of what my education is all about.


I study

communication and multimedia design

from 2009 up till now

My interest for design was awakend when I recieved a small scratchpad from my mother at the age of eight. I knew I wanted to do more than just draw, so when I came of age I started to study design and interaction design at ZUYD University. More information here.


I studied

higher secondary education

from 2003 up till 2009

Meanwhile, I used to make some money by working at a supermarket, a bar and made my self useful by volunteering in my community.


That's my story in a nutshell, but while you're still here you can download my full resume or feel free to pop me an e-mail. I'd love to hear from you.

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showcase (pdf)